Raize Instituição de Pagamentos – S.A.

Raize is the largest credit originator and loan marketplace in Portugal. Focusing on lending to SMEs, the online lender operates its own payment institution licensed and regulated by the Bank of Portugal and as to date has been the platform for more than 93,000 registered investors and SMEs. Raize’s activity supports direct financing to Portuguese companies and individuals for both private and institutional investors. The Company provides a full-service platform that ensures the security, reliability, and monitoring of transfers, payments, and receipts of client funds.

Capital Markets

The Portuguese Company was listed on Euronext Access Lisbon on 18 July 2018 and is the first -crowdfunding Company to go public in Euronext Access Lisbon.

Main reasons for Raize to be pursuing public financing

  • Strengthen notoriety and credibility in the market
  • Promote greater visibility and having a stage for disclosing business performance milestones to stakeholders
  • Broaden the shareholder base and facilitate future share capital increases
  • Promote shareholder return on the investment already made
  • Benefit its current and future shareholders with the protections and guarantees offered by Euronext Access
  • Obtain greater liquidity from its current and future shareholders, as well as a clearer perception of the value generated by the Company’s activity

“The IPO attracted strong demand and was subscribed by more than 1,400 investors. Taking the Company public has broadened our investor base and expanded our notoriety and presence in the market, with very positive impact on multiple business indicators.”

José Maria Rego – Co-Founder at Raize

The listing of Raize on the stock exchange is an example of a successful case of a SME that, after becoming a listed Company, improved its visibility and notoriety. This was a decisive step in the Company’s strategy, since its listing led to an increased visibility necessary to increase the number of users on the platform and grow their business.

Source: Raize, Euronext

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