Zolve, Logística e Transporte, S.A.

Zolve operates under the label Logifrio and is a leading temperature-controlled logistics and transport service provider specialized in food products. With headquarters in Portugal, the Company operates a network of 32 platforms which results in a unique coverage of the Iberian Peninsula. Being a founding partner of the European Food Networks allows Logifrio to offer import and export services across European Continent. Over the years the Company has been combining the warehousing and transport services with added value services which allows it to have a broader scope of the supply chain with significant synergies to its customers.

Capital Markets


Management Buyout

Together with two leading managers of the Company, Vítor Figueiredo and Manuel Rodríguez, the private equity firm Vallis Capital Partners reached an agreement with the Belgian multinational Group Greenyard for the acquisition of 100% of the Company’s capital in Portugal, through a Management buyout (MBO). As part of this process of changing the shareholder structure, a complete rebranding operation was carried out and the operating Company’s new name became Zolve.


Management Buyout

Zolve reached an agreement with the García Villalobos family to acquire Logifrio, a Company dedicated to the logistics and transport of temperature-controlled food products in Spain. At the same time, Alberto Sancho and Rosa Martínez, the Logifrio’s’s general manager and network director, acquired a stake in Zolve, which became the parent Company of the entire Group for Spain and Portugal. The Management buyout was also supported by the Vallis Capital Partners investment fund.

Main reasons for the Management Buyout

  • The leading managers recognized the value and potential for growth of the Company being subject to a spin-off from the Parent Company and needed the means and the funds to pursue with the acquisition of the local business.
  • Buyout allowed the Company not only to bring its center of the decision closer to its core markets but also to increase the speed of the decision process and to dote the Company with necessary financial means to execute a growing strategy based on customer centricity and top service level supported by state of the art physical and technologic infrastructure.

“Logifrio is today already a leading Company in the Iberian temperature controlled third party logistics market. Nonetheless an ambitious plan is put in place to potentiate organic and inorganic growth which will allow us to reinforce even more our critical mass. The combination with continuous improvement attitude, outstanding service level, value added services and superior customer experience will allow the Company to continue strength its key differentiation factors”  

Vitor Figueiredo, CEO of Zolve.

Key Messages

Zolve shareholder base has evolved through the years, which provided the Company with new strengths and capability that prompted the Company’s growth.

In particular, the investment through Venture Capital funding the management team in the acquisition of Greenyard Portugal and later in the acquisition of Logifrio enabled the Group to become a leader in the Iberian market and to focus on its strong growth ambition, both organically and through other possible acquisitions.

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